An arena for chariot racing. Long, narrow hippodromes like the Circus Maximus in Rome (q.v.) were common in major cities throughout the empire, and charioteers were popular figures. The Hippodrome in Constantinople (q.v.) was situated next to the Great Palace (qq.v.). From the imperial box (kathisma) the emperor (q.v.) viewed the chariots as they raced around the central spina seven times. Fans supported competing circus factions (q.v.), each with their respective racing colors; the Greens and Blues were popular in Constantinople in the sixth century. The circus factions frequently rioted; in 532 Belisarius (q.v.) put down the Nika Revolt (q.v.) by slaughtering thousands in the Hippodrome of Constantinople. The decline of racing in the seventh century paralleled the decline of cities, although in Constantinople the Hippodrome remained in use until the Fourth Crusade (q.v.) conquered the city.

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